Monday, 22 November 2010

[101122] SBS Kim Jung Eun's Chocolate - SNSD Cut

Wooh.. it took me quite sometime to upload this big file. The girls performed If You Seek Amy, Hoot, Gee, Oh! and Mistake. Since this music program was recorded prior to Fany's injury, Fany is still here in this awesome 20min worth of video. Hope you enjoy it. The file size is quite big, so you will have definitely more HD experience. Absolutely worth to download!!

Download link as below:

a) 1153mb, Format : mkv with resolution 1280x720
Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4  Part5   Part6 [Hotfile]
Part1  Part2  Part3  Part4  Part5   Part6 [Mediafire]



  1. thank for sharing the nice HD LIVE for SNSD, it perfect performance for them like it ...and may i know how to combine the part1 to part6 need certain software ?

    thank you

  2. Do you have Avi format? cause my pc can't see this format~~

  3. Edwardkhong : Use hjsplit to join the files.
    Just google hjsplit. U'll find it right away. =)

    梦之风神 : I'll try to post avi later.
    you just have to have proper codec to play mkv file. Download latest klite codec pack and real alternative from Then you wont have any problem playing any media. (if still not able, try download latest Gomplayer with the codec i mentioned). The combo usually successful to play any files.

  4. Thank for informed ya^^

  5. Thanks your sugguestion~~ i'll try~ :-)