Saturday, 23 July 2011

[110722] SNSD - Hoot, Run Devil Run @KBS Music Bank in Tokyo

Japanese fan sure are lucky this year A lot Korean artists went there this year. Here you go, MB in Tokyo. But i could not found good quality video of Gee. Just Hoot and RDR. Anyway enjoy it~

a) 405mb, Format : mkv with resolution 1080x720
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Wednesday, 20 July 2011

[110720] SNSD - Hoot @KBS1 World's 7 Wonders

New performance of Hoot today after they returned from Japan. They will kickoff their 2nd tour in Korea soon.

a) 130mb, Format : avi with resolution 1024x576
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[110718] SNSD - Genie, Bad Girl @FujiTV Hey3! Music Champ

Sorry for the long time absence. Been going here and there around Europe and just being home recently. I'll keep up with the girls performance as fast as i could.

 a) 236mb, Format : avi with resolution 1280x720
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Saturday, 2 July 2011

[110625] SNSD - The Great Escape + Mr Taxi @MTV VMAJ

Sorry for the late update. Just got back from eurotrip and just back home this week. Enjoy this new SNSD performance recently. I'll update their new MV, Echo and RDR 3D later. Stay tuned~

 a) 289mb, Format : avi with resolution 1024x576
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