Tuesday, 29 March 2011

[J-Drama]LADY~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~ 2011 [COMPLETE]

Since im a big fan of Keiko Kitagawa since Buzzer Beat, here i brought to you another series of her.. =)

[J-Drama]LADY~Saigo no Hanzai Profile~ 2011
Genre: Police
Episodes: 10
Cast: Kitagawa Keiko, Hiraoka Yuta, Kaname Jun
Synopsis: “LADY” focuses on a team of profilers in the CPS, a fictional police division that deals with analyzing criminal behavior. Kitagawa plays the part of Shoko, a gifted profiler who returns to Japan after working with the FBI in the United States. Her character is described as a “crime maniac,” as she is overly knowledgeable about past crimes, while also being unskilled in matters of romance.

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Ep1 pt 1 | Ep1 pt 2


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Sunday, 20 March 2011

[JDrama] URAKARA 2011

1st of all, I'm not a big fan of KARA. I'm all about SNSD. Huhu.. But when i came upon this series, i thought "why not i upload it? there is no good(or even decent!) kdrama or jdrama series going on right now either. So here you go~

(Actually im not even watch this drama yet eventhough i got it~)

The premise of the show has KARA working for an underworld service as for-hires, but instead of killing their targets, their missions require them to make those men fall in love with them. Each week, a mysterious boss will give them their new target - from powerful politicians to kabuki actors to ordinary salarymen - and they will use any technique they can to accomplish their goal. But due to their inexperience with love, various problems come up during their missions.

Cast :
* Park Gyu Ri as herself
* Han Seung Yeon (한승연) as herself
* Nicole as herself
* Goo Ha Ra (구하라) as herself
* Kang Ji Young (강지영) as herself
* Hamada Mari
* Mike Han (マイクハン)
* Nakamura Shunsuke

Medium Quality download links, re-encoded from high quality
dimensions: 800 x 448
version: (tvN version) XviD-iCECREAM, XviD-Chad || (TV Tokyo version) D-Addicts torrent
file size: ~150mb
English SubtitlesD-Addicts

Hotfile link of tvN version

Ep1 | Sub
Ep2 | Sub
Ep3 | Sub
Ep4 | Sub
Ep5 | Sub
Ep6 | -
Ep7 | -
Ep8 | -

Ep. 9 - 12 END still on-going, will be update later.
*until now, sub at d-addicts is still until 5th episode. they haven't release for 6, 7, 8, 9 eng sub

credit: jahepop

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