Thursday, 28 October 2010

SNSD - Hoot MV (updated GomTV 720p release)

At last, the grand moment that all SONES had been waiting for this week.. the release of Hoot MV. I bet another addictive song is going to spread throughout the world this time. SNSD jjjanggg!!! Cant wait for their comeback at Music Bank this week.

Download link as below:

a) 248mb, Format : .avi and mp4 with resolution 1280x720 (GomTV)
Download here [avi - 248mb] / Megaupload
Download here [mp4 - 78mb]

b) 76mb, Format : .mp4 with resolution 1280x720 (Youtube Rip)
Download Here [Hotfile]

c) 430mb, Format : .avi with resolution 1920x1080 [ripped 1080p from utube and converted to avi] [Hotfile]

d) 80mb, Format : .avi with resolution 1024x576 [with english sub. credits to soshified.] 
 Download Here [Hotfile]

I will update for other HD version later, as soon it is available from GomTV, Melon or others. TQ 

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